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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Kenapa saya ingin tersenarai di dalam bloglist Abang Ensem’s Blog

Saya silent follower AE. Tapi bila….

AE kata kalau beli rumah, boleh juga utk dptkan positive cash flow.  Nanti boleh retire early.  Saya nak, so saya buat.

AE kata kalau beli rumah utk positive cash flow kawasan student antara yang elok. So saya buat.

AE kata kalau pergi buat site visit bawak la org muka kelat.  Husband saya calon terbaik. So saya buat.

AE kata kalau apply loan, apply banyak2 bank nanti senang nak pilih and kalau ada loan rejected, tak dela bank lain nampak kot CCRIS.  So saya buat.

AE kata kalau nak zero-down investment, salah satu cara boleh la markup harga kat SnP.  So saya buat.

AE kata derma la, zakat la so semuanya berkat.  Saya setuju! Dan memang saya buat (In Shaa Allah).

Husband kata kalau tips tu elok, apa salahnya ikut.  Blessing from my husband is a must, so saya buat.

So bila dah jadi follower tegar ni agak2 kenapa saya tak boleh masuk dalam bloglist AE kalau bukan AE yang kata?

Thank you AE!!!

Friday, December 21, 2012

ASB Income Distribution 2012 - Pays better returns!

Enjoy you guys!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Blessings in disguise (dedicated to Mok and Ayoh).

I am blessed to have them in my life.  Banyak situations where I don’t know what to do, I’ll just call them up and problems solved!  In fact all of my ‘critical’ turning points in life are somehow achieved with their blessings as the very first step.  Once that received the rest just flow like water.

The first ‘critical’ moment that I had was when I was leaving Malaysia to further my studies.  Mok’s blessing made me the strongest girl at the airport.  No tears and no sad face either (you know how most students cried their hearts out when going abroad).  Ayoh was the coolest dad ever and a pat in the back with ‘Jangan lupa solat’ was all he did when I was leaving Malaysia. 

And as I said, the rest went smoothly and thank Allah I graduated and I don't need to pay back the scholarship.  Alhamdulillah.

The second was when I want to quit the first job that I had.  Mak said don’t and siap call my friend to talk me out.  But my cool dad said, “Kalau dia nak berenti ikut suka dia la…. Boleh mintak kerja lain”. J

Their blessings made my job hunting a breeze until today. Alhamdulillah.

I turned to them again when I decided to buy an apartment.  I was devastated when the unit that I love and wanted to show them got sold the day before the appointment date.  I almost cried.  But Mok said “Biarlah… kita kena fikir, rumah tu bukan untuk kita.  Akan ada rumah lagi bagus untuk kita.  Semua tu perancangan Tuhan”.  True enough, I got better unit at the same place but with the best view (the pool and now a mosque too).  We spotted it while showing the place to Mok and Ayoh the unit that I ‘missed’ on the supposedly the appointment day.  The rest flow like water; the agent was available on the day, we viewed the unit and agreed on the price all in one day.  I got 2 airconds, a fridge, an automatic washing machine and dinner table in the deal!.

Ayoh lead our sembahyang hajat the day I moved in.  Alhamdulillah.

Mok and Ayoh’s blessing in my marriage is the priceless blessing of them all so far.  I know it was not easy for any parents to accept the fact that their daughter is in love with a mature man with 4 children.  I did not want them to worry how I felt if they would’ve disapprove our relations.  So I threw them a statement “Kalau Mok ngan Ayoh tak suka tak apa.  Elly ok je.  Tak de masalah *gelak2 sikit*…  Elly serah kat Mok Ayoh.  Kalau Mok Ayoh ok, Elly ok, kalau tak ok pun Elly ok je *dalam hati dup dap dup dap* ”.  What Mok said after that shocked me “Lega Mok dengar…Anak-anak Mok semua baik-baik dan dengar kata”. 

13th December 2012 was our 4th anniversary J  Alhamdulillah.

I definitely need their blessings for my future plan too; the early retirement plan.  Ayoh was against it at first.  Like what Robert Kiyosaki mentioned as “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, my Ayoh is somehow believe in work hard to earn more.  To him rugi kalau retire at the age of 45.  I kept my silence when he said that.  After a while I said I want to spend more time with my husband, go for Hajj and travel with him.  Ayoh opens up a bit.  The truth is I want to spend time with my parents too.

He however encouraged me to buy a flat at Seri Kembangan.  Murah katanya.  My Ayoh; he does not know much about investing in Seri Kembangan but believe that there is potential there.  How on earth he knows that is just beyond me.  Initially I was concentrating more in Ampang area for my investment plans but God has better plans for me and 'shoved' me the opportunity to buy a flat in, you guess what, Seri Kembangan.  I think it is bizarre but I know that this is a blessing in disguise yet again.  Will I turn this opportunity down without trying? Heck No!  I got the first step done i.e. the blessing.  So I know the rest will flow like water. In Shaa Allah.

There are countless other events in my 36 years of life and to list them is just impossible.

May Allah grant both of my parents good health, good fortune and good life here and thereafter in Jannah.  Amin…

Note to self:  I still need Mok and Ayoh blessings; not only for today, or tomorrow, but the rest of my life.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Little things that made me smile :)

Kalau la jumpa benda ni kat sekolah kan jimat belanja...
Cuba teka.

Tada! Pencil Extender.  Pensil kontot masih boleh guna :)
(ok I'm old T_T)

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Talk about excellent service.

Public bank memang pantas!.  Of all 3 banks that I applied, Public bank is the first to call back and update my application status.  The best part is “Hello Elieza, ini Helen dari Public bank.  HQ cakap….”.  Waaa “HQ” ok.  That means my application has been submitted to HQ already!.  Saluteee!.

Then I asked when can the LO be ready?  She said Friday the earliest or Monday the latest.  Fuh fuh pantas!.  Faster than my fingers punching the numbers on the calculator to calculate the installment amount.  (Ok, I don't use calculator, I use the web mortgage calculators ngeee.)

Anyways, there was no mention on the house price.  Can I really get a zero down house purchase?  Wowweee.. Fingers crossed I will.  In Shaa Allah!.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Tak akan rugi...

Sedikit pun memadai... jom sama-sama.

The waiting game...

Draft SnP dah dapat seperti yang dijanjikan.  Alhamdulillah.  I then googled all Bank’s websites and contacted them either via email or online applications.  3 of them.  But until today, 3 days later, none of them called.  I guess walk-in is still preferred by the banks then. *rolling eyes*.

So 3 applications sent by hand to the respective branches.

Next step:  The waiting game.

Note to self : Get an updated branch address and not rely on the info from the not-so-latest GPS or you’ll get an empty building instead of a bank’s branch.*doh!*

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

PRS, tepuk dada tanya selera.

Last week saya ada pergi satu presentation berkenaan Private Retirement Scheme program.  Program ni ialah program secara sukarela untuk pekerja (Malaysian or foreigner) yang mana mereka boleh memilih untuk menyimpan dalam scheme ni sebagai tambahan supaya tidak terlalu bergantung kepada duit EPF bila bersara nanti.

Mengikut statistic yang ditunjukkan, kebanyakkan dari pekerja akan menghabiskan duit EPF dengan jayanya dalam masa 10 tahun saja.  Kalau umur masih panjang dan masih ada anak-anak yang bergantung dengan kita, mana nak cari duit lagi?  Kederat dah tak ada, kesihatan belum tentu tip top.  Maka sebab itu lah ada nya PRS ni.

Nak bukak PRS account ni cuma RM100 dan subsequent investment pun boleh serendah RM100.  The key success factor untuk PRS ni ialah the performance of the fund invested (you may choose which fund you want from the provider) and the power of compounding (lagi lama simpan lagi bagus).

Bagi saya ianya sedikit sebanyak macam combination of EPF and unit trust investment with a twist; a good twist.  Ini pendapat saya saja.  Kalau nak tahu lebih lanjut pasal PRS ni, boleh je google sebab dah banyak websites yang cerita pasal PRS ni.  Then you will see what I mean.

Note to self: PRS, KIV.

'Duit bertunang' a.k.a booking fee

'Duit bertunang' dah bertukar tangan.  Owner rumah pun dah confirm terima duit tu dan dah agree yang duit tu juga merangkap downpayment.  So next step ialah cari lawyer.

Saya bernasib baik sebab kawan satu office ada simpan contact number untuk satu law firm yang dekat dengan office jugak.  So saya terus contact office lawyer tu dan set appointment.  Lunch time, saya singgah untuk bagi documents dan mintak dia siapkan draft SnP dulu so saya boleh apply loan terus.

Tu cerita minggu lepas.

Hari ni dah dekat cukup seminggu saya liaise dengan kerani law firm tu.  Draft SnP tak dapat-dapat jugak.  Ada sikit-sikit rasa berapi tapi terpaksa sabar.  Nanti kalau dia tak suka kita takut di lambat-lambatkan pulak SnP tu.  So hari ni saya call lagi (setelah beberapa hari dari Jumaat yang dijanjikan).  Katanya pukul 3 nanti dia akan email draft tu.  Harap-harap betul lah kali ni.  Kalau boleh saya nak cepat-cepat apply loan tu sebab part loan ni lah yang paling critical and the one step that will decide to go or not to go with the investment.

Monday, November 26, 2012

'Hot' and 'Cold'

Hari Jumaat tu ada ternampak iklan kata ada flat for sale diarea dekat dengan UPM.  Actually tak de la plan nak beli rumah ke apa tahun ni.  Tapi bila ternampak iklan tu terasa mebuak-buak pulak nak pergi tengok. 

Point pertama saya rasa macam tu sebab kawasan tu kawasan student.  Yang kedua sebab harga rumah ni agak mampu-milik buat saya.  Saya ni bukan a high-risk taker.  Point ketiga sebab dengar cerita MRT nak lalu Seri Kembangan.  Point keempat sebab dekat dengan office.  So kalau nak pergi kutip sewa pun not an issue for me.  Lunch hour pun boleh pergi.

Memandangkan flat tu flat PKNS, saya terus call PKNS Bangi untuk check kot-kot ada syarat untuk beli rumah PKNS ni.  Dari confirmation yang saya dapat tak ada apa-apa requirement dari segi minimum income atau first house purchase.  So tick lagi satu checkbox.

Bila dah google sana sini tengok gambar and baca sedikit sebanyak pasal area ni saya terus set appointment dengan owner.  The next day hari Sabtu tu terus pergi buat ‘site visit’. 

Site visit:

Nampak ok. Luas flat is about 650 sqft.  2 rooms, one bathroom.  Bilik not so tiny and the living room pun quite spacious.  Wiring all newly done.  Water pressure is ok too.  There was a leaking at the hall but the seller has fixed that too.  The tenant confirmed on it.

Unit location: tingkat 4. Tapi surprisingly naik tangga tak penat pun (am I that fit? hahaha)

Flat tu sekarang ada tenant.  Student UPM jugak and ada transport sendiri.  They all looked decent.  So tak payah pikir getting tenant for at least a year I hope.

But the one thing yang get the biggest tick is that at the front of the flat is a surau.  So hopefully ‘sejuk’ la sket area ni and ‘hot’ la sket investment ni.

Penjualnya pulak ok.  Tak banyak songeh.  After not much talking we decided on the price.  We shook hands at 73k (at par with market value..hmm tak pe lah…) and the owner agreed to get a downpayment at 3k.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Applying for Strata Title.

Or in another word ‘perfection’.

Beberapa bulan lepas ada dapat surat dari management office yang mengatakan strata title dah ada dan dah boleh apply.

So few days ago saya call lawyer yang buat SnP rumah saya ni dulu.  Bila cerita serba sedikit yang saya nak apply strata title ni terus company tu cakap diorang dah tak nak ambik case baru.  Sebabnya bos dia dah nak retire.  Dah kaya la tu!

Second option saya call lawyer yang buat loan rumah ni dulu.  Firm ni advise lagi elok kalau guna lawyer yang buat SnP sebab boleh mintak discount sebab diorang dah tau pasal rumah kita.  Tapi nak buat macam mana terpaksa jugak la guna lawyer loan ni.

So for a start I have to prepare the following documents:
1.    SnP original.
2.    Loan documentations.
3.    Initial payment of RM1000.
4.    Mykad a.k.a IC.  Kalau diorang nak copy diorang akan copy sendiri.

Next action, set appointment untuk jumpa lawyer tu.

Friday, November 16, 2012

New Year is Here (Muharram 1434 Hijrah)

Ok tak?

Nasi Dagang Mahal

Lapan ringgit dan lima puluh sen.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Blog walking

I used to blog walk when I was at the old office.  Then I stopped for a while because:

1.  The department changed bosses so I have to adapt to their styles.  Some requires me to work extra hours.
2.  I got new job and my cubicle was just outside boss’s glass window.
3.  I got another job.  So adapting again.
4.  I got married and got a son. 

So you see, I’ve been busy. ;-)

So after 5 years being a busyman, I manage to steal a bit of time to start blog walking again and hopefully blogging myself.

It’s fun to blog walking.  I remember how blogs are merely about one self and one own little activities.  But things have changed (or did I change?).  I saw many blogs are about knowledge sharing, investments, giving back to the communities and surprisingly bloggers now interact with the public and some bloggers do meet up with each other.  Not like the old days where blogger remain a mystery man.

There are bloggers who’ve been on TV!

It is fun blog walking.  It’s like meeting new friend.  An extremely friendly friend that tells you all about them in one meeting.  They also give you new ideas, new perspectives, different from what you used to do or think everyday.

It gives you a wake up call too.  It sure did wake me up.  Thanks to now I have new targets for the next 10 years.

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Life's too short

What happen if you know when you are going to die?  I guess all of us will be scared…. to death.  Anyhow what I mean is what would you do if you know your death date?  Would you change how you do things/ how you think about things or would you be the same?

My friend showed me this sort of a game where he has a series of numbers from 1 to 70 in one vertical line on a piece of paper.  The numbers represent your age from birth until 70 years old (statistically people live until 70 years old). 

First, you need to chop off the numbers from 1 to 17 because that’s when you still a kid and still at school.  So you’re left with number (age) 18 to 70.

Chop off 18 to 25 because that’s when you are still in Uni or struggling with your new job(s).  No assets yet and maybe some credit card debts.  Now you have 26 until 70.  That’s 44 years of age left.

Chop off 26 until 35 because that’s when you started to get your direction in life and maybe got married or start a family.   The numbers chopped maybe shorter if you are younger and not yet reached 35 (I envy you!).  So for most of us, we only left with 36 to 70.  That’s 34 years of age left.  At this stage you may also have one house and a car with loans to pay.  Nothing much.

Keep chopping off if you are older and note on what you have achieved.

Here's  mine :S
See how fast your life passes you by?  How time flies and how short of life we have left?  Never mind about what we have contributed to the world, what have we achieved in our own personal life?  (deep.. yeah!)

This awakening hit me hard when I saw my short list and that I only have 34 years left (Insya Allah).  I don’t have anything to prepare for my old age be it zahiriah or rohaniah.  The scary thing is most of us can't do much when we are 60 years or older... dah tak larat...  So what's left? 24 years?

So what’s your number and what have you achieved?  What’s your big plan?  Are you prepared?

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

ASB Loan

Kalau sesiapa yang pernah buat loan ni mesti tahu macamana seronoknya tuai hasil tiap-tiap bulan January.  Kalau yang berdisiplin (kuat iman) mungkin tengok je hasil tuaian tu and terus menyimpan.  Macam saya ni tuai, tengok dan belanja terus.

Memang dah lama saya buat loan ASB ni.  Masa mula-mula start kerja lagi selepas di’lecture’ oleh my dear aunty.  Amountnya pun tak banyak, 10k je.  Maklumla masa tu gaji baru 2k and spending pun tak pandai nak control.  Asyik nak enjoy je. 

Kalau diikutkan jadual ASB loan saya tu sepatutnya habis tahun 2015.  Tapi lately ni terfikir jugak nak settlekan loan tu terus.  Kalau nak settlekan rasanya dalam 2k++ je lagi tinggal.  Tapi husband cakap biarkan je la kat situ sebab tinggal 2k++ je lagi.  Aduh dilemma.  Kalau settlekan boleh buat loan baru yang lagi tinggi yang bermaksud lagi tinggi hasil tuaian nanti.  Tak pe… sabar…

Kalau di’study’ pasal ASB loan ni, sapa yang mampu ambik loan atau simpan 200k, dan sustain cukup 10 tahun, profit ASB tu dah boleh ambik sebagai gaji dekat 3k sebulan!  Without touching the principal! Tak enjoys ke tu?  Ikutkan hati nak jugak jadikan ini sebagai retirement plan saya.  Would you?

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A fresh start.

I've been having this blog for more than 6 years now.  I've written posts which I don't have the guts or too shy to publish them.  May be I'll filter some and have them published one of these days.

I had to do so because some of the posts are very very personal to me.

My blog was...'an embargo' about my life.  But time flies and I've grown up and it is time for the blog to grow up too.

So here it goes...a fresh start.
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