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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Blessings in disguise (dedicated to Mok and Ayoh).

I am blessed to have them in my life.  Banyak situations where I don’t know what to do, I’ll just call them up and problems solved!  In fact all of my ‘critical’ turning points in life are somehow achieved with their blessings as the very first step.  Once that received the rest just flow like water.

The first ‘critical’ moment that I had was when I was leaving Malaysia to further my studies.  Mok’s blessing made me the strongest girl at the airport.  No tears and no sad face either (you know how most students cried their hearts out when going abroad).  Ayoh was the coolest dad ever and a pat in the back with ‘Jangan lupa solat’ was all he did when I was leaving Malaysia. 

And as I said, the rest went smoothly and thank Allah I graduated and I don't need to pay back the scholarship.  Alhamdulillah.

The second was when I want to quit the first job that I had.  Mak said don’t and siap call my friend to talk me out.  But my cool dad said, “Kalau dia nak berenti ikut suka dia la…. Boleh mintak kerja lain”. J

Their blessings made my job hunting a breeze until today. Alhamdulillah.

I turned to them again when I decided to buy an apartment.  I was devastated when the unit that I love and wanted to show them got sold the day before the appointment date.  I almost cried.  But Mok said “Biarlah… kita kena fikir, rumah tu bukan untuk kita.  Akan ada rumah lagi bagus untuk kita.  Semua tu perancangan Tuhan”.  True enough, I got better unit at the same place but with the best view (the pool and now a mosque too).  We spotted it while showing the place to Mok and Ayoh the unit that I ‘missed’ on the supposedly the appointment day.  The rest flow like water; the agent was available on the day, we viewed the unit and agreed on the price all in one day.  I got 2 airconds, a fridge, an automatic washing machine and dinner table in the deal!.

Ayoh lead our sembahyang hajat the day I moved in.  Alhamdulillah.

Mok and Ayoh’s blessing in my marriage is the priceless blessing of them all so far.  I know it was not easy for any parents to accept the fact that their daughter is in love with a mature man with 4 children.  I did not want them to worry how I felt if they would’ve disapprove our relations.  So I threw them a statement “Kalau Mok ngan Ayoh tak suka tak apa.  Elly ok je.  Tak de masalah *gelak2 sikit*…  Elly serah kat Mok Ayoh.  Kalau Mok Ayoh ok, Elly ok, kalau tak ok pun Elly ok je *dalam hati dup dap dup dap* ”.  What Mok said after that shocked me “Lega Mok dengar…Anak-anak Mok semua baik-baik dan dengar kata”. 

13th December 2012 was our 4th anniversary J  Alhamdulillah.

I definitely need their blessings for my future plan too; the early retirement plan.  Ayoh was against it at first.  Like what Robert Kiyosaki mentioned as “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, my Ayoh is somehow believe in work hard to earn more.  To him rugi kalau retire at the age of 45.  I kept my silence when he said that.  After a while I said I want to spend more time with my husband, go for Hajj and travel with him.  Ayoh opens up a bit.  The truth is I want to spend time with my parents too.

He however encouraged me to buy a flat at Seri Kembangan.  Murah katanya.  My Ayoh; he does not know much about investing in Seri Kembangan but believe that there is potential there.  How on earth he knows that is just beyond me.  Initially I was concentrating more in Ampang area for my investment plans but God has better plans for me and 'shoved' me the opportunity to buy a flat in, you guess what, Seri Kembangan.  I think it is bizarre but I know that this is a blessing in disguise yet again.  Will I turn this opportunity down without trying? Heck No!  I got the first step done i.e. the blessing.  So I know the rest will flow like water. In Shaa Allah.

There are countless other events in my 36 years of life and to list them is just impossible.

May Allah grant both of my parents good health, good fortune and good life here and thereafter in Jannah.  Amin…

Note to self:  I still need Mok and Ayoh blessings; not only for today, or tomorrow, but the rest of my life.

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