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Thursday, November 01, 2012

Life's too short

What happen if you know when you are going to die?  I guess all of us will be scared…. to death.  Anyhow what I mean is what would you do if you know your death date?  Would you change how you do things/ how you think about things or would you be the same?

My friend showed me this sort of a game where he has a series of numbers from 1 to 70 in one vertical line on a piece of paper.  The numbers represent your age from birth until 70 years old (statistically people live until 70 years old). 

First, you need to chop off the numbers from 1 to 17 because that’s when you still a kid and still at school.  So you’re left with number (age) 18 to 70.

Chop off 18 to 25 because that’s when you are still in Uni or struggling with your new job(s).  No assets yet and maybe some credit card debts.  Now you have 26 until 70.  That’s 44 years of age left.

Chop off 26 until 35 because that’s when you started to get your direction in life and maybe got married or start a family.   The numbers chopped maybe shorter if you are younger and not yet reached 35 (I envy you!).  So for most of us, we only left with 36 to 70.  That’s 34 years of age left.  At this stage you may also have one house and a car with loans to pay.  Nothing much.

Keep chopping off if you are older and note on what you have achieved.

Here's  mine :S
See how fast your life passes you by?  How time flies and how short of life we have left?  Never mind about what we have contributed to the world, what have we achieved in our own personal life?  (deep.. yeah!)

This awakening hit me hard when I saw my short list and that I only have 34 years left (Insya Allah).  I don’t have anything to prepare for my old age be it zahiriah or rohaniah.  The scary thing is most of us can't do much when we are 60 years or older... dah tak larat...  So what's left? 24 years?

So what’s your number and what have you achieved?  What’s your big plan?  Are you prepared?

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