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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Talk about excellent service.

Public bank memang pantas!.  Of all 3 banks that I applied, Public bank is the first to call back and update my application status.  The best part is “Hello Elieza, ini Helen dari Public bank.  HQ cakap….”.  Waaa “HQ” ok.  That means my application has been submitted to HQ already!.  Saluteee!.

Then I asked when can the LO be ready?  She said Friday the earliest or Monday the latest.  Fuh fuh pantas!.  Faster than my fingers punching the numbers on the calculator to calculate the installment amount.  (Ok, I don't use calculator, I use the web mortgage calculators ngeee.)

Anyways, there was no mention on the house price.  Can I really get a zero down house purchase?  Wowweee.. Fingers crossed I will.  In Shaa Allah!.

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