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Monday, November 26, 2012

'Hot' and 'Cold'

Hari Jumaat tu ada ternampak iklan kata ada flat for sale diarea dekat dengan UPM.  Actually tak de la plan nak beli rumah ke apa tahun ni.  Tapi bila ternampak iklan tu terasa mebuak-buak pulak nak pergi tengok. 

Point pertama saya rasa macam tu sebab kawasan tu kawasan student.  Yang kedua sebab harga rumah ni agak mampu-milik buat saya.  Saya ni bukan a high-risk taker.  Point ketiga sebab dengar cerita MRT nak lalu Seri Kembangan.  Point keempat sebab dekat dengan office.  So kalau nak pergi kutip sewa pun not an issue for me.  Lunch hour pun boleh pergi.

Memandangkan flat tu flat PKNS, saya terus call PKNS Bangi untuk check kot-kot ada syarat untuk beli rumah PKNS ni.  Dari confirmation yang saya dapat tak ada apa-apa requirement dari segi minimum income atau first house purchase.  So tick lagi satu checkbox.

Bila dah google sana sini tengok gambar and baca sedikit sebanyak pasal area ni saya terus set appointment dengan owner.  The next day hari Sabtu tu terus pergi buat ‘site visit’. 

Site visit:

Nampak ok. Luas flat is about 650 sqft.  2 rooms, one bathroom.  Bilik not so tiny and the living room pun quite spacious.  Wiring all newly done.  Water pressure is ok too.  There was a leaking at the hall but the seller has fixed that too.  The tenant confirmed on it.

Unit location: tingkat 4. Tapi surprisingly naik tangga tak penat pun (am I that fit? hahaha)

Flat tu sekarang ada tenant.  Student UPM jugak and ada transport sendiri.  They all looked decent.  So tak payah pikir getting tenant for at least a year I hope.

But the one thing yang get the biggest tick is that at the front of the flat is a surau.  So hopefully ‘sejuk’ la sket area ni and ‘hot’ la sket investment ni.

Penjualnya pulak ok.  Tak banyak songeh.  After not much talking we decided on the price.  We shook hands at 73k (at par with market value..hmm tak pe lah…) and the owner agreed to get a downpayment at 3k.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Applying for Strata Title.

Or in another word ‘perfection’.

Beberapa bulan lepas ada dapat surat dari management office yang mengatakan strata title dah ada dan dah boleh apply.

So few days ago saya call lawyer yang buat SnP rumah saya ni dulu.  Bila cerita serba sedikit yang saya nak apply strata title ni terus company tu cakap diorang dah tak nak ambik case baru.  Sebabnya bos dia dah nak retire.  Dah kaya la tu!

Second option saya call lawyer yang buat loan rumah ni dulu.  Firm ni advise lagi elok kalau guna lawyer yang buat SnP sebab boleh mintak discount sebab diorang dah tau pasal rumah kita.  Tapi nak buat macam mana terpaksa jugak la guna lawyer loan ni.

So for a start I have to prepare the following documents:
1.    SnP original.
2.    Loan documentations.
3.    Initial payment of RM1000.
4.    Mykad a.k.a IC.  Kalau diorang nak copy diorang akan copy sendiri.

Next action, set appointment untuk jumpa lawyer tu.

Friday, November 16, 2012

New Year is Here (Muharram 1434 Hijrah)

Ok tak?

Nasi Dagang Mahal

Lapan ringgit dan lima puluh sen.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Blog walking

I used to blog walk when I was at the old office.  Then I stopped for a while because:

1.  The department changed bosses so I have to adapt to their styles.  Some requires me to work extra hours.
2.  I got new job and my cubicle was just outside boss’s glass window.
3.  I got another job.  So adapting again.
4.  I got married and got a son. 

So you see, I’ve been busy. ;-)

So after 5 years being a busyman, I manage to steal a bit of time to start blog walking again and hopefully blogging myself.

It’s fun to blog walking.  I remember how blogs are merely about one self and one own little activities.  But things have changed (or did I change?).  I saw many blogs are about knowledge sharing, investments, giving back to the communities and surprisingly bloggers now interact with the public and some bloggers do meet up with each other.  Not like the old days where blogger remain a mystery man.

There are bloggers who’ve been on TV!

It is fun blog walking.  It’s like meeting new friend.  An extremely friendly friend that tells you all about them in one meeting.  They also give you new ideas, new perspectives, different from what you used to do or think everyday.

It gives you a wake up call too.  It sure did wake me up.  Thanks to now I have new targets for the next 10 years.

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Life's too short

What happen if you know when you are going to die?  I guess all of us will be scared…. to death.  Anyhow what I mean is what would you do if you know your death date?  Would you change how you do things/ how you think about things or would you be the same?

My friend showed me this sort of a game where he has a series of numbers from 1 to 70 in one vertical line on a piece of paper.  The numbers represent your age from birth until 70 years old (statistically people live until 70 years old). 

First, you need to chop off the numbers from 1 to 17 because that’s when you still a kid and still at school.  So you’re left with number (age) 18 to 70.

Chop off 18 to 25 because that’s when you are still in Uni or struggling with your new job(s).  No assets yet and maybe some credit card debts.  Now you have 26 until 70.  That’s 44 years of age left.

Chop off 26 until 35 because that’s when you started to get your direction in life and maybe got married or start a family.   The numbers chopped maybe shorter if you are younger and not yet reached 35 (I envy you!).  So for most of us, we only left with 36 to 70.  That’s 34 years of age left.  At this stage you may also have one house and a car with loans to pay.  Nothing much.

Keep chopping off if you are older and note on what you have achieved.

Here's  mine :S
See how fast your life passes you by?  How time flies and how short of life we have left?  Never mind about what we have contributed to the world, what have we achieved in our own personal life?  (deep.. yeah!)

This awakening hit me hard when I saw my short list and that I only have 34 years left (Insya Allah).  I don’t have anything to prepare for my old age be it zahiriah or rohaniah.  The scary thing is most of us can't do much when we are 60 years or older... dah tak larat...  So what's left? 24 years?

So what’s your number and what have you achieved?  What’s your big plan?  Are you prepared?
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