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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Blog walking

I used to blog walk when I was at the old office.  Then I stopped for a while because:

1.  The department changed bosses so I have to adapt to their styles.  Some requires me to work extra hours.
2.  I got new job and my cubicle was just outside boss’s glass window.
3.  I got another job.  So adapting again.
4.  I got married and got a son. 

So you see, I’ve been busy. ;-)

So after 5 years being a busyman, I manage to steal a bit of time to start blog walking again and hopefully blogging myself.

It’s fun to blog walking.  I remember how blogs are merely about one self and one own little activities.  But things have changed (or did I change?).  I saw many blogs are about knowledge sharing, investments, giving back to the communities and surprisingly bloggers now interact with the public and some bloggers do meet up with each other.  Not like the old days where blogger remain a mystery man.

There are bloggers who’ve been on TV!

It is fun blog walking.  It’s like meeting new friend.  An extremely friendly friend that tells you all about them in one meeting.  They also give you new ideas, new perspectives, different from what you used to do or think everyday.

It gives you a wake up call too.  It sure did wake me up.  Thanks to now I have new targets for the next 10 years.

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