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Monday, January 01, 2018

Move along 2017. Hello 2018

So it's 1st Jan 2018.  Masa memang dah terbang.

So, what did I do for the last 365 days?

1. Family

Alhamdulillah three of us semua sihat.  Parents also sihat.  Tak de sapa-sapa masuk spital this year- syukur!.  Except for my sister getting a daughter!.  

My kidney still satu haha.. wonder how would it be if it grows back.  The kidney that is, not the other thing.  Macam cicak la ek?.  I still have not visit the doctor for my check up.  Can I use the 'busy-at-the-office' ticket?

We went to few places for short vacay.  All local.  Kota Kinabalu/ Kundasang was a blast.  Legoland was great too.

Next year target?  Should I have another baby?.  As crazy as it may sound (because of the age thing), I still want to have second child.  I need to work on my proposal to En Suami - last few proposals were either totally rejected, or  'Ok' with no feeling, or 'Sabar...' with no feeling too.

If the above does not go well, we should start to travel overseas.  Let see if this proposal got slammed down too.. Not!

Dear En. Suami.... Love you!. *ngeee*.

2. Kerja

Same old same old.  The system went live on May, so the whole team are now back in Bangi.  It's great that we got new workplace in 6th floor now.  Well, I don't know if I can call it great, because I do get more pissed off feel-like-killing-someone annoyed now compared to when we were at 1st floor, with reasons that I don't want to speculate about, but I have to take it for now.  I still have a feeling of 'moving on' to other place though.  At times when things got really 'unfavorable' and the urge to resign is super strong, I busied my self with Jobstreet or Monster or Jawatan Kosong - it calms me, until the next episode.

Come to think of it, I was more happy when I was stationed in KL.  I think I know why, but I would like to keep it to myself for now.

Mind you next year is my 10th year at this place.  How on earth does that happen?

Next year target? - Less complain, work like normal, look for another job opportunity hopefully some GLC company so I can work peacefully till I'm retired (if only such thing exist).
Owh, another target would be to ignore the mood-killer.. or shall I say mood-killers?

3. Hobby

Grown a few beautiful veges through the year.  Carrots is my favourite!.  Read a few tips here and there, and I got myself 4 beautiful carrots!.  But things got slow nowadays.  I don't have the excitement to start new for now.  I guess a hobby does have its own ups and downs too.

Fully grown - palm sized carrot.  So proud *wipe tears*.

Cherry tomatoes - taste sweet *flip hair*

Kasturi - pokok ni pernah pengsan sekejap, put some booster (baja and ajinomoto) then voila!

4. Achievements.  

I really don't have anything to call as 'achievement' for 2017.  Still the same clothe size (to lose weight was not in my list for 2017 haha but even if it does I still won't achieve it), living in the same house, same car, same work place.  Why didn't I start my self with something new?  Any idea anyone?  I did think of starting a new side-income.  But couldn't get myself to think of what to do.  I would love to have another flat/apartment but somehow things don't move that way.

Anyhow, I am grateful and blessed with all I have around me.  Thank you Allah.

Next year target? - Lose weight, Travel more or have a baby.  Or both :D.

5. Azam tahun baru

Tak de.  Cuma ada a few targets.  Tak nak berazam azam bagai.  Not achieving ones target is not the end of the world.  To me, if you don't get what you want this year, you continue on to get it next time.  But I do wish to be more calm and taking one day at a time.  I'm not getting any younger though I'm not old yet.  So one calm day at a time would be great!.

Happy 2018 everyone!

P.s:  It took me two days to write this one.  God I must be really suck at this now.


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