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Friday, May 25, 2018

Things I did when I'm not here, RAMCI random ramblings

I was going to write Shit I did when I'm not here.. but after a few Astaghfirullah, I crossed the S word *tangan nasyid*.

Thing number 1:
Anyway..... how is puasa everyone?  Semoga Ramadhan kali ini menjadi Ramadhan yang lebih baik dari yang sebelum.  Amin...

Thing number 2:
By the way, we just had our General Election kan.  So how was it people?  Bad? Good? Surprised?

To tell the truth, I prefer to keep my thoughts to my self, keep my silence or may be become a zombie and do the blank-stare since keeping up with the politics news just feel weird because it feels like too much information going round nowadays that I felt a little dizzy because one moment the news is too shocking and I'm like WOW only to know the next thing it is a fake news and I have to tone down or probably remove my WOWness.  And then another news came and I'm like have to bring out the WOW again.  You know what I mean.  Tired *flip hair*.

Thing number 3:
Anyway, *big grin* another thing that just happen is that I am soooo in LOVE with Longchamp Le Cuir.  I mean look at this:

How can you NOT fall for those silky leather, cute design that matches with practically ALL your outfit, the colour *drooling*.  Even when you berkemban pun it still looks good on you.  Cute ain't it?

By the way, I have not bought it.  Still stage berangan.

When I get to the stage where the actual bag is in my hand, I'll do a more detail write ups ok? After I sleep with it for a few nights.

Thing number 4:
I can now check my credit score ONLINE!  Let me try hard to explain how I do it.

Here is the page that you should go to:
But you have to register your phone number at BNM first though.  Just to get the PIN number which will expire in 7 days I think.  Need to double check that.

Then go the website, and using that PIN number, you can just register at the website (follow the simple steps - if I can do it, you can do it better).  And soon after you register successfully, you get an email just like below

By the way, the information about your hutang is prepared by RAMCI.  Google 'RAMCI' if you want.  I heard that you can check your CCRIS here too:  But I have not tried it myself.  So no comment ya!

Once you have registered, you'll get free report via the email as below!  Pretty basic. But should be ok I guess.  Not much info for me.  You'll get this twice a year:

You can also purchase your PCRB.  There are 2 types, BASIC and PLUS.  I've purchased a PLUS report before for RM15 and the report is quite detail - with your scoring, your CCRIS report (the 12 months loan repayment performance) and with suggestion on how to increase your score.  In case you don't have a clue on how to do it *wink*.

So sample macam kat bawah ni...siap ada tip hokey:

CCRIS report.  This is the one that I normally monitor.

Also other information which can be useful at times.

And then, when they feel like it, they'll do a promo!

So, ada rasa nak try?  It's good if you monitor your credit score once in a while just to make sure you maintain a healthy financial status.  Tak gitu?

Ok lah, dah banyak tulis ni.  Kalau membawang tak de lak penat macam ni. Ho ho ho.

Take care you guys.



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