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Friday, May 25, 2018

Things I did when I'm not here, RAMCI random ramblings

I was going to write Shit I did when I'm not here.. but after a few Astaghfirullah, I crossed the S word *tangan nasyid*.

Thing number 1:
Anyway..... how is puasa everyone?  Semoga Ramadhan kali ini menjadi Ramadhan yang lebih baik dari yang sebelum.  Amin...

Thing number 2:
By the way, we just had our General Election kan.  So how was it people?  Bad? Good? Surprised?

To tell the truth, I prefer to keep my thoughts to my self, keep my silence or may be become a zombie and do the blank-stare since keeping up with the politics news just feel weird because it feels like too much information going round nowadays that I felt a little dizzy because one moment the news is too shocking and I'm like WOW only to know the next thing it is a fake news and I have to tone down or probably remove my WOWness.  And then another news came and I'm like have to bring out the WOW again.  You know what I mean.  Tired *flip hair*.

Thing number 3:
Anyway, *big grin* another thing that just happen is that I am soooo in LOVE with Longchamp Le Cuir.  I mean look at this:

How can you NOT fall for those silky leather, cute design that matches with practically ALL your outfit, the colour *drooling*.  Even when you berkemban pun it still looks good on you.  Cute ain't it?

By the way, I have not bought it.  Still stage berangan.

When I get to the stage where the actual bag is in my hand, I'll do a more detail write ups ok? After I sleep with it for a few nights.

Thing number 4:
I can now check my credit score ONLINE!  Let me try hard to explain how I do it.

Here is the page that you should go to:
But you have to register your phone number at BNM first though.  Just to get the PIN number which will expire in 7 days I think.  Need to double check that.

Then go the website, and using that PIN number, you can just register at the website (follow the simple steps - if I can do it, you can do it better).  And soon after you register successfully, you get an email just like below

By the way, the information about your hutang is prepared by RAMCI.  Google 'RAMCI' if you want.  I heard that you can check your CCRIS here too:  But I have not tried it myself.  So no comment ya!

Once you have registered, you'll get free report via the email as below!  Pretty basic. But should be ok I guess.  Not much info for me.  You'll get this twice a year:

You can also purchase your PCRB.  There are 2 types, BASIC and PLUS.  I've purchased a PLUS report before for RM15 and the report is quite detail - with your scoring, your CCRIS report (the 12 months loan repayment performance) and with suggestion on how to increase your score.  In case you don't have a clue on how to do it *wink*.

So sample macam kat bawah ni...siap ada tip hokey:

CCRIS report.  This is the one that I normally monitor.

Also other information which can be useful at times.

And then, when they feel like it, they'll do a promo!

So, ada rasa nak try?  It's good if you monitor your credit score once in a while just to make sure you maintain a healthy financial status.  Tak gitu?

Ok lah, dah banyak tulis ni.  Kalau membawang tak de lak penat macam ni. Ho ho ho.

Take care you guys.


Monday, January 01, 2018

Move along 2017. Hello 2018

So it's 1st Jan 2018.  Masa memang dah terbang.

So, what did I do for the last 365 days?

1. Family

Alhamdulillah three of us semua sihat.  Parents also sihat.  Tak de sapa-sapa masuk spital this year- syukur!.  Except for my sister getting a daughter!.  

My kidney still satu haha.. wonder how would it be if it grows back.  The kidney that is, not the other thing.  Macam cicak la ek?.  I still have not visit the doctor for my check up.  Can I use the 'busy-at-the-office' ticket?

We went to few places for short vacay.  All local.  Kota Kinabalu/ Kundasang was a blast.  Legoland was great too.

Next year target?  Should I have another baby?.  As crazy as it may sound (because of the age thing), I still want to have second child.  I need to work on my proposal to En Suami - last few proposals were either totally rejected, or  'Ok' with no feeling, or 'Sabar...' with no feeling too.

If the above does not go well, we should start to travel overseas.  Let see if this proposal got slammed down too.. Not!

Dear En. Suami.... Love you!. *ngeee*.

2. Kerja

Same old same old.  The system went live on May, so the whole team are now back in Bangi.  It's great that we got new workplace in 6th floor now.  Well, I don't know if I can call it great, because I do get more pissed off feel-like-killing-someone annoyed now compared to when we were at 1st floor, with reasons that I don't want to speculate about, but I have to take it for now.  I still have a feeling of 'moving on' to other place though.  At times when things got really 'unfavorable' and the urge to resign is super strong, I busied my self with Jobstreet or Monster or Jawatan Kosong - it calms me, until the next episode.

Come to think of it, I was more happy when I was stationed in KL.  I think I know why, but I would like to keep it to myself for now.

Mind you next year is my 10th year at this place.  How on earth does that happen?

Next year target? - Less complain, work like normal, look for another job opportunity hopefully some GLC company so I can work peacefully till I'm retired (if only such thing exist).
Owh, another target would be to ignore the mood-killer.. or shall I say mood-killers?

3. Hobby

Grown a few beautiful veges through the year.  Carrots is my favourite!.  Read a few tips here and there, and I got myself 4 beautiful carrots!.  But things got slow nowadays.  I don't have the excitement to start new for now.  I guess a hobby does have its own ups and downs too.

Fully grown - palm sized carrot.  So proud *wipe tears*.

Cherry tomatoes - taste sweet *flip hair*

Kasturi - pokok ni pernah pengsan sekejap, put some booster (baja and ajinomoto) then voila!

4. Achievements.  

I really don't have anything to call as 'achievement' for 2017.  Still the same clothe size (to lose weight was not in my list for 2017 haha but even if it does I still won't achieve it), living in the same house, same car, same work place.  Why didn't I start my self with something new?  Any idea anyone?  I did think of starting a new side-income.  But couldn't get myself to think of what to do.  I would love to have another flat/apartment but somehow things don't move that way.

Anyhow, I am grateful and blessed with all I have around me.  Thank you Allah.

Next year target? - Lose weight, Travel more or have a baby.  Or both :D.

5. Azam tahun baru

Tak de.  Cuma ada a few targets.  Tak nak berazam azam bagai.  Not achieving ones target is not the end of the world.  To me, if you don't get what you want this year, you continue on to get it next time.  But I do wish to be more calm and taking one day at a time.  I'm not getting any younger though I'm not old yet.  So one calm day at a time would be great!.

Happy 2018 everyone!

P.s:  It took me two days to write this one.  God I must be really suck at this now.

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

*sniff* *yawn* *cough* waking up from slumber terus shopping kat Fashion Valet!

Lama betul tido dari dunia blog ye? 'Bangun' je terus pandai bukak website and nak cerita pasal Fashion Valet.  

Maklum la, first time shopping kat FV baru-baru ni.  Ye, memang saya ketinggalan :D.

Lagipun sekarang kan banyak weekend panjang, CNY la, next is Thaipusam.  Makanya ada la majlis wedding.  Kali ni belah shuben.  So terpaksa la cari proper attire.  Takkan la nak pakai baju kurung lusuh yang memang sehelai tu je yang muat.  Baju raya last year entah macam mana tailor tu pi buat terbesar lak.. goboh je rasa bila pakai.  Tak alter lagi sampai sekarang heh.

Anyway, since I ni sibuk sangat bekerja *cough*, maka mesti la saya lebih prefer beli online je.  Tapi beli baju online ni agak gamble skit la.  Satu, whether the size really fits us.  Kadang-kadang indah gambar dari rupa.  Second, is the seller can be trusted?.  Third, berapa lama it takes for the seller to ship our items sebab kadang-kadang dah last minute baru la decide nak beli baju.  Kalau ship within 7 days memang sorry la I'm not a fan.

Tapi shopping kat FV ni so far meet all my requirements.  It definitely is  a trusted seller, and they ship in 1 day!.  First timer pulak dapat RM10 off.

Sign up kat page ni free je and sangat simple.  Overall look of the page tu pulak sangat 'Vivy'.  Hehe I mean all white, simple but clear fonts, clean arrangement.  I like!!

So lepas sign up, you all akan dapat email confirmation dan welcoming email.  Lepas tu terus boleh start shopping!.  Apa yang saya cari? Of course la I cari Duck scarf heh.  Dah lama sangat berkenan tengok Vivy tu pakai.  Lagipun sesuai la untuk gi wedding kan. 

Nak cari barang kat FV page ni senang je.  Guna je search function dia.   Search function tu akan bagi recommended item names juga.  Simple.  Bila nak jumpa barang yang nak, terus add to Cart.  Cuma nak tegur sikit la, gambar untuk Duck scarf ni lighting dia terlebih sket kot so the actual colour that I got is slightly darker.  Sikit je.  Tak de la sampai nak hantar email complain. 

Anyway, from the Cart, boleh la fikir-fikir, then kalau confirm nak, terus je check out.  Cara bayaran lak credit card boleh, bayar online transfer pun boleh.  Senang!  Lepas tu acara menunggu...

...sampai budak delivery sampai kat muka pintu anda.

Satu lagi saya suka pasal FV ni, bila delivery tu dah on the way, which normally on the next day, diorang akan hantar message "Hi! Your FV order FV-XXX will be sent to you today".   Then after few hours "We are delivering your FV order FV-XXX now.  Approximately 9 KM away from you".  Haa.. masa ni kalau sisturss semua kat luar rumah cepat-cepat la balik.  Or kalau duk dalam tandas tu pandai-pandai la budget masa untuk bukak pintu.  Memang sangat convenient!.

Then the package comes.  Exciteddd sangat. Masa deliver tu, the delivery staff akan mintak sign and key in ic number.  Tu je.  Done.

*bukak package*
*perasan jadi Vivy*
*tengok cermin, pengsan!*
*terus jadi Duck addict*

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Dah nak darjah satu - ibu yang stress

So my son akan masuk darjah 1 next year.  Walaupun masa tu dia baru turn 6, tapi it's ok.

So sebagai ibu, bila anak pertama, err the only child, nak masuk darjah satu memang la kelam kabut/ jiwa kacau.  

Bukan fikir pasal uniform, text books, yuran etc yang nak kena bayar atau beli, tapi more kepada sekolah mana, ok ke sekolah tu?  Boleh ke anak kita yang always seems to be so small and fragile ni nak beli makan kat kantin?  Tak kena tipu ke nanti?  Healthy ke?  Kalau bawak bekal (kalau dia nak bawak) tak kena paw ke nanti :D.

Budak-budak sekolah nanti ok ke?  Cikgu helpful ke?  Akan stress tak dia?  Bila nak join sukan-sukan lak?

How about sekolah agama, perlu ke? baru darjah satu kott, tak penat ke dia? tapi kalau tak hantar, tak ketinggalan ke dia nanti?  Dan sekolah-sekolah ni nanti dapat ke bantu dia jadi manusia yang berjaya/berguna?  All sorts of intangible items hehe..

Tapi walau pening macam mana pun tetap kena harung juga.

Kena bagi pendidikan pada anak juga.

Kena let go juga.

Sekolah kebangsaan dah settle, dapat yang dekat dengan rumah.  Although jauh dari office saya ni, abahnya ada untuk tolong uruskan.  

Sekolah agama pun insya allah akan settle dalam masa terdekat.  Walaupun berbelah bagi nak hantar ke tidak, sebab saya asal Kelantan, dan kat sana tak ada 'sekolah agama' per se.  Cuma ada kelas fardhu ain, which is totally not compulsory dan tak de exam bagai.  So saya tak boleh nak imagine anak saya ni going to 2 schools every day.

My personal justification untuk hantar ke sekolah agama cuma 2 point: 
1. saya tak nak dia ketinggalan, 
2. saya tak nak dia ada too much time yang menyebabkan dia get involved with something yang tak sepatutnya.  

Zaman dulu dengan zaman sekarang lain.  Dulu-dulu lepas balik sekolah, kami still ada dirumah, main dirumah, ajak kawan-kawan.  Tak ada exposure pada online games, or activity sosial yang menakutkan.  Tak de budak-budak kena culik.

And my husband and I insya allah akan cuba not to stress him with 'ambitious' or shall I say 'fictitious' exam results.  Let him have his childhood memory yang fun and full of life.  Sebab bagi saya, belajar tentang jati diri / self identity/ survival adalah lebih penting if not same as academic.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Have you ever feel so empty/lost?

I don't know if this is a religion thing, a hormone thing, a career dissatisfaction thing, a boring-life thing, a never-ending-mouse-running thing, but I am feeling EMPTY/LOST now.

Don't get me wrong, I love my family so dearly.  I love my friends and all those around me.  Tapi still I feel empty.

I can't exactly pin point kenapa and macamana rasa empty tu tapi I feel empty, sometimes lost, sometimes macam waiting for something to happen but have no control of.  Sometimes rasa macam to stop doing every thing and do nothing.  Sometimes rasa TIRED of everything.  Sometimes.... a combination of every thing.

I use to write jokingly about zombie.  But the real thing is I am the one that feel like zombie.

Hope this don't last because:

Let's read.

And just wait and see what I would feel tomorrow.

So pissed off right now. Poslaju.. you let me down big time!

Haish.. macam mana nak start entah lah.  Bila tengah geram..

As most people know, kebanyakkan material untuk hijab pin saya adalah diimport.  US, China, Canada, Scotland, Russia pun ada.  So definitely la semuanya diposkan kepada saya kat Malaysia ni.  Kalau saya kaya, saya dah terbang sana sini pickup sendiri.  Tapi kalau saya kaya, saya takkan buat business pun.  Saya akan buat untuk diri sendiri je hehe.

Anyway, bila parcel-parcel ni masuk Malaysia, haruslah guna Pos Malaysia atau Poslaju.

So, nak dijadikan hangin satu badan, parcel tak sampai, Notice slip tak de, ketuk pintu pun tak dak, alih-alih bila tengok tracking, parcel tu dah sampai ke US nun balik!!.  Haddoiiiiii, if I'm the cursing type, I would have cursed all the *tooot* words all day!!.  Punya sakit hati.

RM40 kotttt kalau nak suh pos balik.

Dengan RM tengah drop nih.


Friday, July 10, 2015

Hari Raya the aftermath nanti...

Alhamdulillah, dah tinggal a few days saja lagi untuk kita completekan Ramadhan.  A few days juga lagi kita akan menyambut Hari Raya.

As a worker, memang saya sangat happy, dapat cuti dan spend more times dengan family.  Tambah pulak kali ni parents datang raya di KL.  Hehe, dapat la save bajet sikit untuk travel ke KB.

Tapi sebagai peniaga dengan business sampingan tapi dah merangkap 'second critical' source of income ni, memang agak risau jugak bila musim raya.  Bila duk baca kot internet, banyak yang kata selalunya bisnes akan slow bila musim raya.  Antara factor nya sebab customer dah spend so much untuk preparation raya.  So now ramai yang akan berjimat.  Saya pun sama.

So sekarang ni tengah fikir macam mana nak maintain sale.. Ada a few strategies yang nak buat tapi kena study dulu feasible dan menguntungkan atau tak.  Masih banyak yang kena belajar.  May be I should read some books on this.

Monday, June 08, 2015

Ramadhan.. mengharap yang terbaik!

Salam!! Dan lama tak tulis hal-hal personal kat blog ni.. maklumla asyik "busy" ngan "business" kat sebelah tu...

Pejam celik pejam celik, Ramadhan dah nak kembali menjengah.. 10 hari saja lagi.  Sempatkah?  Insya Allah... amin amin amin...

Saya tak mengharapkan sesuatu yang terlalu bagus atau pahala melimpah ruah, sebab saya sejujurnya tidak layak.  Bukan saya tak nak.  Saya cuma harap saya berubah. Berubah jadi lebih baik.  Itu sahaja.. simple.  Bonus-bonus lain dalam bulan Ramadhan ni saya rasa sangat tinggi untuk saya capai.  So saya mengharap belas ehsan sahaja dari Allah untuk kurnia kan walau sedikittttt pahala untuk amalan baik saya dalam bulan ini..(harap ada).

Dah 40 tahun dah pun.... 

Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan!  Maaf zahir dan batin.

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